Jobs in Romania, Europe for Nepali

 Jobs in Romania, Europe for Nepali

About Trust Nepal Manpower :

With over 18 years of experience under our belts, we are Nepal’s best and brightest in the staffing industry. Our goal is to be the Number 1 worldwide provider of high-value staffing services and the center for quality employment opportunities.As an ISO 9001 certified staffing agency, our model for recruiting and placing Nepali workers overseas responsibly and ethically has made us a leading manpower agency in Nepal.

Our business is about people. We succeed when we provide motivation and opportunities for personal growth and career development. Our recruiting methods are designed to evaluate each individual candidate and match him or her with a position that allows them to maximize their potential. We know that productive people are a business’s greatest asset, and our experience in placing Nepal’s workforce abroad assures that companies can count on us for employees who can help them achieve their visions.

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    1. please contact the manpower company directly.

  2. How much cost ?if free visa free tkt i wil applyv ,for the cook i have 10 yrs expenship

  3. And it would be nice to have a little discussion about what kind of facilities are available for visitors, how much it costs, and whether they can get information about the work.