कुवेतले हवाइ उडान सुचारु गर्दै, नेपालसहित २० देशका लागि खुला

Kathmandu: Kuwait is set to resume international flights from August 1. According to the Kuwait Directorate of Civil Aviation, Kuwait will resume flights to 20 countries from January 1, according to international media.

According to the Directorate of Civil Aviation, the airlines operating from Kuwait International Airport will operate flights to UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt and Bosnia, including Nepal.

Abdullah al-Razi, director of Kuwait's air transport department, said it also flies to Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Iran, Switzerland, Germany, Azerbaijan, the Philippines and India.

According to him, the airlines have also stated that they will announce the schedule and flight time soon. All passengers on the flight are urged to follow the health procedures and instructions.

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